This amazing body butter is full of bee propolis, gorgeous fruit oils and a deliciously creamy consistency that will make your skin wake up and smell the roses! Sneak peak at the organic ingredients: Butter cream: mango butter, cocoa butter, borage seed oil, beeswax, grape oil, rosehip oil, plum oil, propolis, castor oil, arrowroot powder, vitamin e oil, seabuckthorn oil. Enjoy! You will definitely be coming back for more :)

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What is Propolise Body Butter? 

Fast-absorbing antioxidant moisturiser made from organic berry oils with beeswax and propolis from Gwynedd-kept native Welsh honeybees.

 Made with 100% active ingredients that are sustainably sourced. All the oils are organically farmed and many are cold-pressed from the nutritious seeds that are a waste product of juice and wine industries. All ingredients are cold extracted and unrefined to preserve the natural antioxidant benefits which are sensitive. Maintain this by storing away from heat and light.

Cera Alba (Gwynedd Beeswax), Vitis Vinifera (Organic Grape Seed Oil), Rosa Canina (Organic Rosehip Seed Oil), Prunus Domestica (Organic Plum Kernel Oil), Ribes Negrum (Organic Blackcurrant Seed Oil), Rubus Idaeus (Organic Raspberry Seed Oil), Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Organic Cranberry Seed Oil), Fragaria Ananassa (Organic Strawberry Seed Oil), Punica Granatum (Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil), Prunus Avium (Organic Cherry Seed Oil),Propolis Cera (Gwynedd Propolis), Tocopherol (Vitamin E Oil), Hippophae Rhamnoides (Organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil).

*All oils are cold-pressed and organic

Benefits of this Body butter

Our body butter is beneficial for all skin types for a wide range of skin issues. 

  • High in antioxidants to reduce damage done to the skin by inflammation caused either inside or outside the body. 
  • Moisturises dry patches without blocking pores and balances skin oil production, evening out skin tone and texture. 
  • Antimicrobial propolis reduces irritation and itchiness. 
  • The skin is always replacing itself every 2-4 weeks. By reducing inflammation and dryness the skin is able to do this in the healthiest way. This enables the skin to be stronger and more resilient by itself against common and recurring problems

    Directions for use: 

    As a moisturiser 
  • think about preventing skin drying instead of fixing dry skin
  • prevent water evaporating out of your skin. 
  • Use this cream after washing, before going to bed and before going outside.
  • This can be used any where on the face and body and as frequent as necessary. 
  • Apply to patches of sunburnt, irritated, red, healing or sore skin to provide antioxidant support to the skin.

    How does it work?

    Your skin replaces itself every 2-4 weeks. Dryness and inflammation compromise this process, and therefore are at the root of common skin problems, therefore this cream tackles these two problems specifically:

    1. INFLAMMATION: Inflammation can be caused by UV, stress, skin conditions, diet or other factors. inflammation causes enzymes to be made in the skin which break down skin proteins and weaken it. Antioxidants, such as those in propolis and natural oils, reduce the activity of these enzymes, helping the skin to be stronger. Blackcurrant oil contains gamma linoleic acid (GLA) which has been proven balances skin sebum production, and therefore can reduce clogged pores and inflammation. Combined with antimicrobial propolis, redness, breakouts and irritation can be reduced.

    2. DRYNESS: Beeswax strengthens the skins’ natural barrier that prevent water evaporating through the skin, drying the skin out. Dry skin is weak because it cannot function properly in these three ways: Firstly, the bonds between skin cells are not broken down, meaning skin comes off in flakes instead of as individual cells, which compromises the skin barrier and leaves you vulnerable to dryness and irritation. Secondly, dry skin produces skin cells too small and too fast, making the skin structure chaotic and weakens it further. Finally, without the right moisture level the skin cannot produce the oil it naturally makes to moisturise itself, meaning dry skin becomes increasingly unable to protect itself and it becomes persistent. Therefore overall, beeswax moisturisers help the skin to be stronger and more resilient by itself by helping the natural processes within the skin.