WE ARE HAPPY TO LET YOU KNOW THAT OUR NEW SHIPMENT FROM SOUTH AFRICA HAS ARRIVED! Thank you for your patience Once upon a time, when the world was still clean and our forefathers lived simply, we were intimately connected to the soil and all the amazing life-giving secrets that it holds. Most of our soil is now depleted and sterile, so we don't get to ingest the rich humic and fulvic acid, with its plethora of minerals, probiotics and phages. This was the ancient apothecary - our soil and humus - ancient sources of goodness. Nowadays our bodies reel from the lack of a diverse microbiome - not only in our gut, but also our skins and brains. RHIZO HEALTH is our family staple - we all take it come rain or shine. Why? Well, it is a remarkable concentrate of humic and fulvic acid, with 43 groups of dormant probiotic strains which come to life when stimulated in our bodies through a deficiency or pathology. Sourced from a pure and ancient African forest, Rhizo Health is the closest we can find to original soil microbiome. The testimonies we receive from people who supplement their diets with RHIZO Health are remarkable and often difficult to explain. But we know that this is simply our bodies returning to their original design. Simple healing. Restore what is missing, and let nature do its work.