Listed below are some of the core therapies or services that we offer at INHALE. Our approach is a layered one - starting with what is important to you, and ensuring that we explore the deeper issues that give rise to your health challenge. We have found that most illnesses are related to a toxic internal environment - toxic foods, chemicals and even toxic thoughts and emotions are at the core of our imbalance. These can drive us into a state of permanent stress, which leads to inflammation and dysregulation. For this reason, we often use a blended approach to our therapies - you may need both Trauma release or Vagal Toning as well as Mineral rebalancing or Detox - so be sure to contact us to create the best combination for you. What we are quite sure of, is that it is possible to heal from almost anything if we look at the body as a whole, and if we address both the emotional and physical aspects of health. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to Vitality! TRE AND FASICA MASSAGE releases the tension and trauma held your body, enabling freedom and healing OLIGOSCAN TESTING assesses the Minerals, Vitamins and Toxins in your cells, guiding your detox VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE uses light, sound and vibrational fields to stimulate healing and stress relief. We use Low Level Laser Treatment, HUSO sound therapy treatment, Infopathy water imprints and Flower Essences EMF HEALTH assesses and restores ill health due to Electromagnetic radiation - advising around prevention and reduction of your symptoms QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) works with your thinking and belief systems, rewiring dis-ease supporting beliefs into powerful health-catalysing actions.