The subtle healing vibrations of Flower Essences bring deep and long lasting healing to any condition with underlying emotional root At the Inhale-Life Hub, we love the Flower Essences from a brilliant company called Freedom Flowers. The Essences from Freedom Flowers are made with extreme care and love, from flowers so wild you cannot even believe the antics it takes to get to them! We don't want you NOT to have them, and so we would 100% encourage you to head over to the online store, and purchase your essences. Our team here in the UK will package them right here for you, with the same love and care. WHY SHOULD YOU USE FLOWER ESSENCES? Well the question really is, how can you NOT use flower essences :) Together with Minerals, Grounding, and your Detox, Flower essences help to release the toxic emotions that are causing havoc in your body, and replace these with healing and helpful vibrational imprints that strengthen your emotions, calm your neurology, and allow you to discover strengths about yourself that you never thought possible. So, give it a go. Once you have bought something from this site, head over to Freedom Flowers - you will not be disappointed

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