The best way to track our progress is through targeted measurement 1. OLIGOSCAN- Measures the levels of toxic substances, helpful minerals and vitamins to plan your recovery 2.VAGAL TONE: Using our HRV monitor we can measure your stress / fight and flight responses, and track your improvement 3. ACE and TRAUMA Scores - These help us work on the triggers and subconscious emotions that can contribute to pain and chronic disease


1. Targeted DETOX Protocols can assist you to safely release Metals, Toxins, and any foreign or unhealthy substances in your body. 2. Our Integrative EMOTIONAL DETOX Programme assists you to identify and release toxic beliefs and emotions that are no longer serving you well. 3. Our Integrative STRESS RELEASE Programme provides a vagal toning package to release stress and tension and the associated body pains and effects


Once we have started clearing the baggage that has been making you ill, we need to rebuild your body and emotions so that you can completely rebuild the life and energy that you desire 1. TARGETED MINERAL AND NUTRIENT REBUILD Protocols 2. VAGAL TONE AND STRESS RESTORATION Protocol 3. EMOTIONAL AND BELIEF SYSTEM REBUILD Process