One of the most joyful secret to share, is that Oils are Healers! In a world where fats and oils are vilified, we are remembering that oils and fats make up a huge part of our brains, they lubricate and protect, and they even hold aromas that bring very specific healing properties to our bodies and memories. Here at Inhale-Life, aromatic oils play a huge role in our healing protocols. For this reason, we are building a collection of Aromatic oils that we love, from our homeland South Africa. These aromatic oils are organic, and they are grown in our province of KwaZulu Natal. The soil is rich, and the plants are healthy. So the oils that are generated bring much healing to both the body and the emotions of those who use them. In time we will also curate a collection of specific fats and oils that can be added to your diet and daily living regimens. Oils are so key for cellular health and brain health - so we will start to write some blog posts in the future to help you learn about the beautiful ways to use the oils - watch yourself prosper and heal!