Propolise Antioxidant Cream is a very concentrated cream providing the healing benefits of Propolis alongside a blend of potent yet gentle antioxidant oil. This cream is most useful when you are trying to protect your skin from the elements, from toxins, or from the effects of illness. Choose this one if your skin is sensitive, or if you have eczema or other skin issues. Or just use if as a way to prevent damage or the effects of ageing. We support bee products that are organic and that protect indigenous bee populations. As we protect the bees, their products protect us. Mutual deliverance

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What is it?

Fast-absorbing antioxidant moisturiser made from organic berry oils with beeswax and propolis from Gwynedd-kept native Welsh honeybees. Made with 100% active ingredients that are sustainably sourced. All the oils are organically farmed and many are cold-pressed from the nutritious seeds that are a waste product of juice and wine industries. All ingredients are cold extracted and unrefined to preserve the natural antioxidant benefits which are sensitive. Maintain this by storing away from heat and light.

Who is Propolise? 

Propolise creates skincreams using the honeybee product propolis.
They are making a huge difference through keeping the important British native honeybee species and through supporting organic farming.

Propolise skincreams are made with high-quality active ingredients which are carefully formulated to protect sensitive antioxidants.