In this photo, you can see a large group of people practicing TRE together. I offer group TRE in a group of 4-10 people - and it is truly an amazing experience! We suggest a minimum of 4 sessions @ 15 GBP per session - so total cost of GBP60 Online or in person Please contact us to hear when the next Group session will begin

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Groups sessions are great as they provide an affordable way to do TRE on amore longer term basis

They are best suited for people who have perhaps done one or 2 individual sessions and feel comfortable to join a group. 

They are also great spaces to come if you want to just try out something new and are open to a new adventure! Sometimes we can even do TRE as a group outdoors in a park or forest - this is super relaxing and grounding as we connect with ourselves and with nature!

Our groups are usually mixed - so young or older, any gender - it is truly lovely experience


  • We will start out all doing some stretching and breathing exercises
  • Then we will lay out the mats either in a circle or in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable. 
  • We will start to tremor and I will facilitate,  ensuring that everyone is comfortable and going at a pace that works for them
  • At the end, we have an opportunity to share with each other how the session went, and any changes we experience in our bodies. This is not compulsory, but many people enjoy sharing with each other. 

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