Lithium at low doses is an essential element for the light reactions in the brain and cells. Low dose Lithium is not the same as Medicinal Lithium which is prescribed by doctors. Rather, it is a dietary supplement which we all need at some times, since we are not able to access enough Lithium in our food and soils.

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Lithium orotate does not require a prescription, because it is a micro-dose natural mineral, and is considered safe.

Lithium is completely unique in how it works in the body - instead of working  neurotransmitters, it differs in that it works INSIDE the brain cells,  causing a calmness, helping the brain cells to detox, and promoting brain balance. This all works together to improve mood and general brain function. 

Benefits of Lithium Orotate

  • Enhances a brighter mental outlook
  • Assists the brain to clear out toxins
  • Increases activity of our neurotransmitters

What happens when we are low in nutritional Lithium?

Our blood sugar may be imbalanced.

Low levels have been found in 

  • children with developmental challenges
  • ,people with attention deficit, nervousness, lack of focus,
  • People who struggle with sleep.

Lithium for Neurotransmitter and Mood Support

If you know that there are people in your family who struggle with mood problems, this may be an indication that your genetic make up may require more Lithium orotate

Also think about it in situations where there is irritability, agitation, or frequent mood swings. 

How does Lithium Orotate work?

 We think that it egulate the neurotransmitter glutamate (which excites the brain) - it stabilises the levels of glutamate

It also protects the brain cells and prevents them dying by clearing up the free radicals (Toxic waste) 

Research has also found using lithium, in a long-term low-dose support, promotes healthy brain aging, and has been shown to detoxify the brain from Aluminium

As it does this, it also increases Glutathione, which is one of the most important detox molecules in our body.

Lithium Orotate Dosage

It's common for adults to start with5- 10 mg daily for the first week or two, and then increase to 20 mg daily if needed and well-tolerated. Side effects are fairly uncommon at these low doses, though occasionally it seems to cause slight sedation. If so, it's common to move the full dose to bedtime.

Lithium orotate can also be utilized in children and teens with ADHD, Autism, DMDD, or depression who experience emotionally reactive, angry, and aggressive behaviors.

 It's common to typically start with a 2.5 - 5 mg dose in a liquid or tablet form, for 1-2 weeks and then titrate up the dose every 1-2 weeks until target symptoms show improvement, to a maximum dose of around 20 mg daily.

Are there any Side Effects?

Lithium orotate is thought to be a safe, inexpensive, and often surprisingly helpful addition to other treatments, whether those are medications or natural therapies.