What is QEC and how does the process work?

QEC is based in neuroscience and is a combination of:

  • Gestalt Coaching – to clarify issues
  • Focused Intention – to install new beliefs
  • Brain Gym – to facilitate learning at a deep level
  • Cardiac Coherence – to set the energy field appropriate for core learning
  • Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis – to develop new neural pathways in the brain
  • Kinesiology – to test that the new beliefs have been successfully installed

Very simply, the process involves the client and QEC practitioner working together to choose new thought patterns and behaviours to replace negative limiting ones. These are then installed in the subconscious mind using a specific body position.

The client is fully conscious at all times and the process is quick, easy and effortless. Once installed, the new beliefs are permanent and the change is profound.

How long does it take?

The first QEC session is usually one hour to an hour and a half, depending on the complexity of the situation. In the first session, I will explain and demonstrate the different elements of the session, and then we will start to explore one simple belief or issue you want to deal with. I sometimes incorporate other modalities as I feel led – I will share these with you if appropriate.

Follow up sessions can be 45 -60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your situation.

How many sessions will I need and how often?

I would recommend that we schedule an initial 4 sessions at weekly or fortnightly intervals at a minimum.

For difficult or long-term challenges, such as addictions or multi-layered issues, it will require longer term support

What happens after a session?

After a session, it is important to rest and allow the deep learning and change to settle in your body. Sometime you may need to sleep after a session. Sometimes you may feel emotional, and other times you may feel some emotional unsettledness for a few days. This is just your body getting used to the new neural pathways and changes that you have been working on, and it soon settles, leaving you with positive new ways of living.

To experience QEC, schedule a booking online or in person and experience the power of this simple and profound technique