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OligoScan is the most innovative testing methodology with the fastest turnaround of results available anywhere in the world.

The technology is an invaluable screening tool for actual cellular levels of minerals, heavy metals and vitamins, as opposed to measuring levels in the blood or hair. When you test hair you are testing not only the cells but also the chemicals used in your hair products. When you test blood you test only what the body stores in blood.

Generally, the body stores heavy metals everywhere but the blood.  So standard blood tests do not allow testing of heavy metals or oxidative stress.

The data collected by the oligoscan is invaluable and works as a precious prevention tool and can assist you also to monitor your progress if you are detoxing or trying to improve your Vitamin and Mineral profile

The Oligoscan measures you mineral status, key mineral ratios, heavy metal levels, mobilisation of those metals and overall oxidative stress.

You get results in under a minute and we can send you a PDF copy. 

You can either just book for an Oligoscan and work with your doctor or naturopath to analyse the results. 

Alternatively you can book a session where we will interpret the results for you and generate and report with recommendations around nutrition or detox protocols. 

Once you know what is happening in your cells, then it is much easier to create a healing plan 

To purchase please order and pay for a test in our SHOP. 

Alternatively you can pay directly into our Bank account

To Schedule: either email me stephanie@zoe-life.co.za to find a time that suits you and to choose one of our 3 clinic venues in Chippenham, Corsham or Swindon. 

The Test takes around 15 minutes to complete. You will be sent an intake form in advance, and you will need to know your Blood Type.

If you don't have your blood type information, just let us know on the intake form and we can arrange for this to be done at the clinic when you arrive. 

If you would like us to analyse your results, please choose the OLIGOSCAN PLUS CONSULTATION OPTION so that we can ensure enough time is booked to discuss the results. You will be sent a full analysed report with some treatment recommendations. The full report generally takes about a week to complete and will be sent to you via email. 

Please do drop us an email if you have any queries. Please put OLIGOSCAN QUERY in the email Subject line