Low Level Laser (CoMra)

At INHALE we use the coMra to treat both acute and chronic conditions.

How does coMra work?

The technology has multiple healing effects by using 4 Radiances -  A radiance is simply an emanation of energy like the rays of the sun, a magnetic field or the sound waves that impact upon us when we listen to music

We employ these four radiances:
‍lnfrared laser, colour, magnetism and ultrasound

Energy deficit is a common denominator in practically all diseases. By addressing the lack of energy in cells, coMra supports the body's natural self-healing ability so that cells can regenerate and the body can recover faster

The main effects of the four radiances are:

 Infrared laser light increases the energy (ATP) levels in cells, and activates the production of stem cells for the regeneration process

 Colour LEDs act on the sensory nerves in the skin to help stimulate immune and endocrine functions, and also initiate local and systemic responses to disease by chemical messengers (cytokines and hormones)

 The magnetic field stimulates the key process of energy metabolism (ATP synthesis) .                                                            

 Ultrasound improves metabolism in the body, and speeds up the process of protein synthesis and accelerates enzymatic activity


Depending on your condition, our practitioner will work out home many sessions are needed and at what intervals. 

You can download the USER GUIDE below to view the suggested treatment for your specific condition 


You can also purchase a hand held Palm Laser for use at home, which makes the treatment process cheaper (See Healing products)