HUSO Sound therapy

How Can Human Sound Heal Us?

Human-generated sound is exponentially the most effective carrier and delivery system of beneficial frequencies to the body.

Our brain and body are hard-wired to readily resonate and entrain with the human voice. In other words, when our cells pick up on human sound frequencies, their own energy field will naturally harmonize with those frequencies, which helps them send and receive signals from our brain, neurons, and other cells more easily.

The human voice can elicit not only a physiological response but often a powerful, transcendent and transformative emotional one as well.

These powerful tones create a natural resonance in your body that counteracts the (harmful) EMFs, toxins and stress you are exposed to during the day while rebalancing the body leaving you with a clear head, improved health, better sleep, and a feeling of calmness and well being.

Is HUSO Safe for everyone? 

HUSO is non-invasive and can be used every day. The more frequent the sessions, the sooner the health benefits are realised

Aside from those with contraindications (implanted electrical device, severe panic disorder, epilepsy, recent head injury and severe autistic spectrum disorder), HUSO can be used by everyone, including children and the elderly, with excellent results

How long is a session?

A HUSO session is generally 30 minutes, and we suggest at least coming once a week. 

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